Hollywood Stargirl Cast Name and Real Age 2022

Hollywood Stargirl Cast Name and Real Age 2022

Hollywood Stargirl Cast

1. Judy Greer Character Name Ana Caraway
Birthday: July 20, 1975 (Age 46 years old)

2. Uma Thurman Character Name Roxanne Martel
Birthday: April 29, 1970 (Age 52 years old)

3. Al Madrigal Character Name Iggy
Birthday: July 4, 1971 (Age 50 years old)

4. Judd Hirsch Character Name Mr. Mitchell
Birthday: March 15, 1935 (Age 87 years old)

5. Grace VanderWaal Character Name Stargirl Caraway
Birthday: January 15, 2004 (Age 18 years old)

6. Chris Williams Character Name George
Birthday: November 2, 1967 (Age 54 years old)

7. Ben Geurens Character Name Daniel
Birthday: December 24, 1979 (Age 42 years old)

8. Sarayu Blue Character Name Alex
Birthday: March 7, 1975 (Age 47 years old)

9. Tyrel Jackson Williams Character Name Terrell
Birthday: March 16, 1997 (Age 25 years old)

10. Elijah Richardson Character Name Evan
Birthday: September 24, 2002 (Age 19 years old)

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Hollywood Stargirl (2022)
Hollywood Stargirl is a 2022 American teen romantic drama film based on a screenplay directed by Julia Hart that she co-wrote with Jordan Horowitz. The film is a sequel to the 2020 Stargirl film, based on Jerry Spinelli's novel of the same name; It's a sequel to the novel Love, not an adaptation of Stargirl.

The story follows Stargirl and her mother Anna, who is hired as a costume designer in a movie when they move to Los Angeles and meet new friends.

The film premiered at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, California on May 23, 2022, [3] and is set to release on June 3, 2022, at Disney +.

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