The Sky Is Everywhere Cast Name and Real Age 2022

The Sky Is Everywhere Cast

1. Grace Kaufman
Birthday: April 29, 2002 (Age 19 years old)

2. Jason Segel
Birthday: January 18, 1980 (Age 42 years old)

3. Jacques Colimon
Birthday: August 27, 1994 (Age 27 years old)

4. Cherry Jones
Birthday: November 21, 1956 (Age 65 years old)

5. Pico Alexander
Birthday: June 3, 1991 (Age 30 years old)

6. Jiyoung Yoo
Birthday: October 24, 1984 (Age 37 years old)

The Sky Is Everywhere

The Sky Is Everywhere is a 2010 young adult novel as the first novel by Jandy Nelson. It tells the story of Lenny Walker, an American high school girl who struggles with the sudden death of her older sister. Lenny is romantically involved with her sister's ex-fiance, who shares Lenny's grief and loss, and with a new boy in town, who shares Lenny's love of music. In the end, Lenny must choose between the two. A movie adaptation from A24 and Apple TV + is slated for release on February 11, 2022 It stars Grace Kaufman, Pico Alexander, Jack Coleman, Cherry Jones, and Jason Segel.


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