Avengers: Infinity War Cast Name And Real Age

Video limk:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqeubo2tlS8

Avengers: Infinity War Cast:

1- Scarlett Johansson/
 Character Name: Natasha Romanoff

2- Benedict Cumberbatch/
Character Name: Dr. Stephen Strange

3- Chris Hemsworth/
Character Name: Thor

4- Tom Holland/
Character Name: Peter Parker

5- Elizabeth Olsen/
Character Name: Wanda Maximoff

6- Zoe Saldana/
Character Name: Gamora

7- Karen Gillan/
Character Name: Nebula

8- Josh Brolin/
Character Name: Thanos

9- Chris Evans/
Character Name: Steve Rogers

10- Jeremy Renner/
Character Name: Clint Barton

11- Mark Ruffalo/
Character Name: Bruce Banner

12- Dave Bautista/
Character Name: Owen Davidson

13- Paul Bettany/
Character Name: Vision

14- Sebastian Stan/
Character Name: Bucky Barnes

15- Benedict Wong/
Character Name: Wong

16- Stan Lee/
Character Name: TBA

17- Tom Hiddleston/
Character Name: Loki

18- Danai Gurira/
Character Name: Okoye

19- Benicio del Toro/
Character Name: The Collector

20- Anthony Mackie/
Character Name: Sam Wilson

21- Cobie Smulders/
Character Name: Maria Hill

22- Chadwick Boseman/
Character Name: T'Challa

23- Letitia Wright/
Character Name: Shuri

24- Isabella Amara/Character Name: Sally

25-Paul Rudd/
Character Name: Scott Lang

26- Chris Pratt/
Character Name: Peter Quill

27- Robert Downey Jr./
Character Name: Tony Stark

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