Avatar 2 Movie Cast Name, First Look and Releasing Date 2020

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Avatar 2 Movie Cast 2020:

Real Name: Zoe Saldana
Character Name: Neytiri
Birthday: June 19, 1978
Real Age: Age 41-Year-Old

Real Name: Sam Worthington
Character Name: Jake Sully
Birthday: August 2, 1976
Real Age: Age 43-Year-Old

Real Name: Sigourney Weaver
Character Name: Dr. Grace Augustine
Birthday: October 8, 1949
Real Age: Age 70-Year-Old

Real Name: Stephen Lang
Character Name: Miles Quaritch
Birthday: July 11, 1952
Real Age: Age 67-Year-Old

Real Name: Kate Winslet
Character Name: Ronal
Birthday: October 5, 1975
Real Age: Age 44-Year-Old

Real Name: Cliff Curtis
Character Name: Tonowari
Birthday: July 27, 1968
Real Age: Age 51-Year-Old

Real Name: Oona Chaplin
Character Name: Varang
Birthday: June 4, 1986
Real Age: Age 33-Year-Old

Real Name: Vin Diesel
Birthday: July 18, 1967
Real Age: Age 52-Year-Old

Real Name: C. C. H. Pounder
Character Name: Mo'at
Birthday: December 25, 1952
Real Age: Age 67-Year-Old

Real Name: Matt Gerald
Character Name: Corporal Lyle Wainfleet
Birthday: May 2, 1970
Real Age: Age 49-Year-Old

Real Name: Joel David Moore
Character Name: Norm Spellman
Birthday: September 25, 1977
Real Age: Age 42-Year-Old

Real Name: Michelle Yeoh
Character Name: Dr. Karina Mogue
Birthday: August 6, 1962
Real Age: Age 57-Year-Old

Real Name: Giovanni Ribisi
Character Name: Parker Selfridge
Birthday:  December 17, 1974
Real Age: Age 45-Year-Old

Real Name: Jemaine Clement
Character Name: Dr. Ian Garvin
Birthday:  January 10, 1974
Real Age: Age 46-Year-Old

Real Name: Jamie Flatters
Character Name: Neteyam
Birthday:  July 7, 2000
Real Age: Age 19-Year-Old

Real Name: Edie Falco
Character Name: General Ardmore
Birthday:  July 5, 1963
Real Age: Age 56-Year-Old

Real Name: Filip Geljo
Character Name: Aonung of the Metkayina Clan
Birthday:  April 13, 2002
Real Age: Age 17-Year-Old

initial release: December 16, 2021 (Singapore)
Director: James Cameron
Budget: $ 250 million
Film Series: Avatar Series
The language is English

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